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Colorado's Health Reform Marketplace
Colorado Health Exchange & Plans 
Connect for Health Colorado is a new place for consumers to compare, purchase qualified health plans and determine if an individual or small group employer qualifies for a subsidy / tax credit. Licensed and exchange certified brokers are qualified to assist consumers whether they choose to enroll on or off Colorado's exchange.

  • Carriers offering a plan on the exchange will also offer the plan off the exchange, by law they must be the same price. 
  • Carriers will also be offering a portfolio of plans available as off the exchange plans only. 
  • If an individual or small group qualifies for a subsidy / tax credit, they must purchase a plan on the exchange in order to receive it.
Plan Options on the Exchange
Exchanges will be offering 4 basic metal plans, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. The goal of the Exchange is to offer plans which are easily comparable and approximately equal in Actuarial Value.

Actuarial Value, developed by the ACA (Affordable Care Act) refers to the percentage to be paid by the insurance carrier through, coinsurance, claims and deductibles. For example: A plan with a 70% actuarial value means 70% of all charges in a given year are to be paid by the insurance company. 

The ACA generally requires that individuals purchase plans with at least a 60% actuarial value whether through individual, small group, large group or self funded policies by January 2014 or are subject to a penalty/tax.

Basic Responsibilities of an exchange:

  •  Plan Management- Certify insurers health plans as qualified health plans(QHP) and determine structure of choices.
  •  Assistance- Manage exchange website, establish and maintain call centers and navigator program.
  •  Eligibility- Collect applicant information and verify to determine eligibility for enrollment, tax credits, subsidies, hardship or exemption status. 
  •  Enrollment- Facilitate enrollments and send information to health plans as well as information related to premium tax credits and cost sharing reductions information related to premium tax credits and cost sharing reductions.
  •  Finance Management- Manage financial functions such as handling fees and risk adjustment.
Plan Metal Levels
Bronze       60% Actuarial Value
Silver         70% Actuarial Value
Gold          80% Actuarial Value
Platinum    90% Actuarial Value

All plans offered on the exchange must include items and services from at least these 10 categories:

1.  Ambulatory patient services
2.  Emergency services
3.  Hospitalization
4.  Maternity and newborn care
5.  Mental health, behavioral and substance abuse disorder services
6.  Prescription drugs
7.  Laboratory services
8.  Preventative services and chronic disease management
9.  Rehabilitative and habilitative devices and services
10. Pediatric services with vision and oral care

Call our insurance agency in Denver for questions about the Colorado health insurance exchange, we will be able to shop plans available on the exchange and plans available off the exchange only.
The Public Exchange is simply another option for purchasing health coverage. Health Plan costs are required to
be the same whether purchased on the exchange,  through a broker or direct from the carrier. 
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